A scientific article is the result of the author’s research on a specific topic, which reveals actual problems and, using scientific methods of analysis, provides sound solutions to the problems found. In order for the paper to be recognized by the scientific community, the article must be published in a journal or scientific collection.

What is article writing format: the correct plan of the scientific article

  1. As a rule, it is determined on the basis of the theme of a course paper or dissertation paper. You can write on general topics of the discipline, when required by the teacher or supervisor.
  2. This is a summary of the essence of a scientific article. This point emphasizes the novelty and peculiarity of scientific research. On average, annotation volume is 4-6 lines.
  3. Keywords: set of words and phrases (2-3 words) that most accurately and popularly determine the chosen topic.
  4. In the introductory part of the scientific paper emphasizes the relevance of the problem and the need to solve it.
  5. Main part. In volume makes up 90% of all paper. In the main part, an analysis of scientific papers on the topic is carried out – the definition of the sphere of the problem that is not completely solved. The optimal research method is determined and the author’s analysis is given. The main part ends with a description of the research results (graphs, tables, formulas – everything is indicated here, in other parts they should not be).
  6. Findings: summarizes the results of the study. It is necessary to describe the economic benefits of the research results (benefits for society, if the topic of the article is devoted, for example, to literature).
  7. List of sources used. It is made out according to requirements, in the general case the list is made out alphabetically. The article must contain references to sources from the list of references.

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Why is it difficult to write a scientific article and choose article writing topics?

Writing a scientific article on your own is an objectively difficult task. Difficulties arise from the scientific style and ending with the level of uniqueness. You must adhere to the scientific style and learn to write an article in the 3 person plural. A scientific article will not be scientific if it does not review the papers of the authors on this topic. It is not always possible to find these articles on the Internet, but having collected the necessary papers, they need to be re-read in order to summarize the information and to present it in their scientific article.

It is very difficult to raise the uniqueness of a scientific article. If raising the uniqueness to 30% is not difficult, then the uniqueness in 80-90% becomes an unsolvable task, and it is these requirements that scientific journals put forward. Remember! Articles downloaded from the Internet will not pass the test for uniqueness. As a result, the writing of a scientific article will take a long time, if you are not a professional, you will write for 5-7 days, while the paper will not be accepted for publication the first time, as there will be shortcomings.

In order not to waste time on writing a scientific article, try to seek the help of article writing jobs. Before choosing the author, pay attention to how many papers he wrote, whether he worked with your topic, how long it took to write a scientific article and how payment was made. After writing the article, check it for compliance with the technical task from article writing method you have (subject and requirements), plagiarism and spelling errors. If you find flaws in the paper, ask for free revision. As a result, you will not only save time, but also get a high-quality scientific article.